Executive project manager
Dear Colleagues:

For many years now, we who integrate Manta/Orbe Translations have been developing a project that will bring together translators, proofreaders, editors, project managers, and all professionals related to the translation field into one global organization. This project is already underway, we called it Global Manta Translators and it aims to become the "first and largest association of translators worldwide".

In order to promote the project, we will organize meetings in different countries and cities to have the opportunity to meet in person, establish contacts and make our company generate work and stability for all its current and future associates.

These conferences will also enable translators to meet, thus forming work teams and even creating new branches worldwide.

Furthermore, they will overturn digital boundaries allowing us to come together face to face.

We hope our proposal will be of your interest and thus be able to count you among us.

Thank you.

Guillermo Chiosso
Executive project manager.
  Thanks to our work teams, translating is no longer a solitary activity equivalent to isolation.  
  Those who wish and consider having the right profile can go from professionals to entrepreneurs, working as agents, representatives or managers in any of our future branches worldwide.  
  In a highly competitive market, space for freelance translators is becoming increasingly limited.
Becoming affiliated to an organization is crucial in order to achieve career goals.