Fanny Saur
  English and German
  Project Manager
Global Manta Translators Project.
Rejected jobs and lost clients: a wasted source of income.
How Translators earn money with the projects they would normally reject.
How Translators may recover inactive clients.
How Global Manta Translators manages the projects brought by its associates.
Broadening the work continuity and guaranteeing payment to associates.
Representatives and Agents: from translators to entrepreneurs.
Alternative structure proposed by Global Manta Translators.
Examples of possible collaboration modes.
New associates: Prizes and commissions.
Monitoring system for prizes and commissions.
  Thanks to our work teams, translating is no longer a solitary activity equivalent to isolation.  
  Those who wish and consider having the right profile can go from professionals to entrepreneurs, working as agents, representatives or managers in any of our future branches worldwide.  
  In a highly competitive market, space for freelance translators is becoming increasingly limited.
Becoming affiliated to an organization is crucial in order to achieve career goals.